Have You Booked Your Fire Stick Yet?

Now no need to wait to be home to resume watching your favorite shows on the set-top box. You can now watch them from anywhere in the world through Rolle TV Network Amazon Fire Stick. This stick is like a Harry Potter’s wand, one of the most amazing devices connecting to the TV via the HDMI port and converting your regular TV to a smart TV. You can access all the major TV applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, YouTube, and more.

LAS Creative Consultants is the place that sells fire sticks. There are several striking features of Rolle TV Amazon Fire Stick, and here you can read a few of the most important reasons to buy your Fire Stick.

Portable – It is a portable device that you can carry along while you travel. Even if you are shifting to another state or country, you can use this same device and not buy a new one for a new place. This beautifully designed and power packed features TV Stick work flawlessly in over 80 countries and counting.

  • How to access the Fire Stick in a different country - Go to Manage Your Content and Device Option. Open the Settings Tab – Head over to Country Setting option – and select your Current Country. You can now enter the new address along with the current country name and hit update. And you are all set to use or TV Stick in the new place.

  • No More Need To Search Remote – Are you fed up searching for remote while you watch TV? You can now misplace the remote and relax as you can still manage to browse TV in the comfort of your sofa. You can make your mobile device as the remote control for your TV set. You can access this by enabling – Your phone and Fire TV shall be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, you need to open the Fire TV app on your smartphone and select your device. Next, you need to follow the on-screen pop-up with onscreen navigation, keyboard, and all the other menu option to control the Fire TV Stick.

  • Games – If you think you want to hide this feature from kids at home, we believe they already know about this and playing their favorite games while you are away ;). There are many exciting games like Basketball Hoop Toss, Volleyball 3D, and a lot more than you can play on your TV with Fire Stick. You can find games – Head to Apps – Games on the Main Menu. You can also access games while pressing the mic button on your Fire TV remote and say something like – Which games can I play or Search for game apps.

  • Cast or Mirror Your Smartphone – Connect your smartphone and Fire TV Stick to the same Wi-Fi network and ensure the distance is within 30 feet from each other. Next, you need to long-press the Home button on the Fire TV remote and select the Mirroring icon to cast your phone on the screen.

Rolle TV 4K Fire TV Stick Price is $325 and available at awesome discounted price of $125 only! All the features mentioned above and a lot other more comes at a throwaway price. Get your now!

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