Is there a monthly cost associated?

Our main plan comes with no monthly cost, but we also offer a new option with a smaller upfront cost and a monthly payment of $5. Yes, just five dollars!

Is this the same programming I can get from YouTube?

No! This program is on a Time Warner/Direct TV platform and has a patent associated with the application we use.

Will I be able to see the local channels in my area?

Yes! You will be able to see the local channels from 99% of the cities in the US.

What is included in the two-year limited warranty?

The two-year warranty includes replacement to reasonable damages if broken. Inquires and software resets, and updates emailed directly.

Will the service go out after two-years?

Absolutely not!! This service will last you as long as you have internet service.

Can I use this on multiple TVs at once?

Unfortunately, no. You will need a separate device for each TV. For example, if you have five TVs in your home, to watch all five independently, you will need five devices.

Is there a multiple unit discount?

Yes!! Just send a email to with the number of units needed, and we will provide you special pricing.

What equipment is needed?

1) Internet Service - (We recommend you upgrade to a faster speed with the ability to use multiple devices at a time. 2) A TV has an HDMI Connection. 3) Amazon FireTV Stick also requires access to a plug-in wall outlet for power. 4) An Amazon Account. If you don't have one, don't worry. There is no additional cost to set up your account.