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How we started


LAS and Rolle TV Network started with a problem.....Outrageous cable bills!! Everyone on our team received cable bills over $225 per month.  Rolle TV Network developed an application built with the mindset to end cable bills forever!! The Final Creation is called Rolle TV Network and is currently patented and uses a Direct TV and Time Warner platform.  The program is powered by Amazons Fire TV Stick & Cube, and updated on a frequent basis to ensure consumers have the best experience possible while using the application.  

What is Rolle TV Network?


Rolle TV Network is a application based on the Direct TV and Time Warner Platform. This app is powerful enough to hold over 1,000 channels including your local news stations, favorite cable channels, premium cable channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax and Encore, Pay Per View Channels and thousands of new and old movies.  The best part is everything is 100% streaming meaning you DO NOT have to search for the proper download speed in order to play your favorite movies.  


“I didn't think this would work this well. I get everything I want to see. You name it.”


“It was so simple to set up and boom. I have all the channels.”


“This is the best service ever and no monthly fees!! One (1) time payment for each TV and I can watch each one independently and again NO MONTHLY FEES!!"

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